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Bringing the skills of the ancient past back to life

We create replicas of pottery and ceramic objects using the same materials, techniques, tools and firing methods employed by the original makers from the Early Neolithic to the Industrial Revolution.

Roman Pottery

From wheels and kilns to moulded lamps and deities, learn the techniques of the Roman potter


Bronze Age Pottery

Beakers, Food Vessels, Collared Urns, Accessory Vessels etc: An eruption of creativity, part of the Technological and Cultural revolution of the 3rd Millennium BCE 


Neolithic Pottery

The first farmers in Britain brought with them the skills to turn mud into useful vessels

Raw Material to Finished Pot

Graham Taylor has spent a lifetime researching, experimenting and learning the techniques and skills of the ancient craft of pot making. Now he is ready to share this wealth of knowledge and experience with you. 

Tools of the Trade

You will be let into the secrets of our tools box as we show you every step of the process of recreating the pottery of the past.  Including, learning how we source and hand-make tools and materials that the original makers would have recognised.

Wheels and Hands

Correct technique is so important when creating a truly authentic replica.  We have spent years working with Museums and Archaeologists to analyse sherds and identify how ancient pottery was made, then honing our skills by recreating ancient masterpieces for displays and handling collections.  So, whether the original pot was wheel thrown, hand formed or mould made we will use technology appropriate to the time period. 

Mud and Fire

It's fire that transforms humble mud into ceramic, and kiln building and firing are our favourite parts of the potting process.  From Neolithic pit firings, to the spectacular technology of Roman kilns, we look forward to sharing this transformative process with you. 

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Expand your understanding of the fascinating world of ancient pottery production. From tools, to techniques and firings, we will guide you through each of the stages of ancient pottery production. Giving you new insight into the lives of our ancestors.

"What a wonderful resource you and Sarah are creating! I think both amateurs and professionals will benefit from it."

Roman Pottery Specialist, PC Archaeology

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